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Adaptyv Biosystems

We develop a novel platform for high-throughput biosynthesis

Founding Team

Moustafa Houmani


Moustafa Houmani

MSc Bioengineering
(EPFL, Switzerland)

BSc Chemical Engineering
(American University of Beirut, Lebanon)

Daniel Nakhaee-Zadeh


Daniel Nakhaee-Zadeh

MSc Bioengineering
(EPFL, Switzerland)

BSc Biomedical Engineering
(University of Leeds, England)

Julian Englert

Business Development

Julian Englert

MSc Materials Science
(EPFL, Switzerland)

BSc Materials Science
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

With our platform we can synthesize thousands of custom peptides and small proteins on demand

Our Technology

In vitro synthesis of peptides and small proteins using cell-free system

High throughput system to synthesize thousands of compounds to find a lead

High sequence coverage compared to conventional chemical synthesis

Shorter lead time from variant generation to candidate selection

High purity due to bottom-up design of cell-free system without using cell lysate

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Are you working on personalized medicines?

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We are looking to collaborate with clinical researchers as well as companies to help them develop custom peptides and small proteins.